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What you must do before going on holiday

I was reading a travel supermarket blog the other day about 10 things you must do before you go on holiday and I’ll summarise the points below:

  1. Dig out your passport and make sure it is in date
  2. Check you have the essential documents for your trip
  3. Make sure you know your luggage allowances
  4. Make your home secure
  5. Check your route to the airport and pre-book a parking space
  6. Take out travel insurance
  7. Sort out your travel money
  8. Tell your bank before you go abroad
  9. Sort out pet care
  10. Pre-book your car hire

All of the above sounds pretty reasonable and at no point did I read “go to your solicitor to make a Will”

Death isn’t something you should be thinking about when planning for your next break but I’m sure many solicitors will agree when I say we all have clients that come into the office and say “I’d like to make Will as I’m going on holiday at the weekend!”

Whilst your solicitor is more than happy to assist, your financial or family circumstances may require you to have more than a basic Will, which would need careful consideration.

I would therefore suggest that if you really do intend on making a Will before a holiday (for example, because there are people you would not want to benefit from your estate), then it is possible to create a “Holding/Temporary Will” and when you return from your holiday you can review your Will and amend the same to tailor your needs.

I must say I have recently been dealing with an estate under the rules of intestacy whereby the deceased had not made a Will.  The number of beneficiaries exceeded 55 and many resided overseas.  Many of the beneficiaries did not know the deceased and I am positive that the deceased would not have known who was benefitting from his estate.  For this reason it is extremely important to make a Will to ensure your estate benefits the people you intended and know.

All that is left for me to say is have a great holiday and I hope to see you on your return!

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