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What is no win no fee?

Linder Myers is able to offer no win, no fee agreements to help fund personal injury or a clinical negligence cases.

This means that you lose your case, you don’t pay anything. However, as the result of recent Government legislation, the way in which no win, no fee arrangements operate has changed.

There are separate parts to a ‘no win no fee’ agreement and it is important you understand these.

1. What you pay if your claim is successful

a. The Success Fee

If your claim is successful, you are required to make a contribution to your solicitor’s costs taken from the compensation awarded to you. This contribution, known as a ‘success fee’, is staged depending on at what point the case is settled. However, these costs will NEVER be more than 25% of your compensation. Therefore, you really have nothing to lose.

b. Other costs

Any other costs are known as disbursements. These can include medical reports and court fees. In a successful claim, these costs will be covered by the losing party. However you will be responsible for paying any additional costs which the losing party is not ordered to pay.

2. What you pay if your case is lost and ‘After the event (ATE) Insurance’

The general principle in law is that the loser has to pay the winner’s costs and disbursements. Therefore, it is important your solicitor takes out insurance to insure against this risk on your behalf. This is called ‘after the event insurance’. The benefit of this will be that should you lose your case, your disbursements will be paid by the ATE insurance providers.

You must be aware of your obligations under the CFA which are:-

  • You must not mislead your solicitor
  • You must not fail to co-operate
  • You must act in accordance with the agreement and the advice given by your solicitor
  • Should you wish to terminate your claim, you will be responsible for all costs and disbursements incurred by your solicitor
  • That you understand the circumstances when you are entitled to seek assessment of your solicitor’s costs and disbursements and the procedure for doing so
  • Whether other methods of financing costs are available.

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You can find out more about no win no fee agreements on the Law Society website.

No win no fee arrangements at Linder Myers

At Linder Myers, we aim to make your claim easy to understand. We have dedicated solicitors who specialise in “no win no fee” agreements. If you have been injured following an accident or negligence, please contact us to find out more.

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