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Putting a stop to unsolicited personal injury texts

It is with some relief, that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has finally (albeit belatedly) acted to bring some account for the constant annoyance of unsolicited spam texts  being sent out claiming that “according to our records”, the recipient “is entitled to £3750.00” for “your Accident / Personal Injury / PII claim”.

The amount varies from time to time of course, as does the nature of the claim it advises the recipient has, but the text is a complete lie.  The companies sending them do not have any records of yours, and do not even have any idea whether you have had an accident or not.

Those responding will simply have their details taken and passed on (at a fee) to the next middle-man in a chain that eventually leads to a Law firm (and you would hope, a lawyer that knows what they are doing!).

These marketers and middlemen are simply making money for doing very little, if anything, to progress any genuine claim that they happen upon.  And the injured person looking to bring a claim will be spoken to by numerous people, probably telling them the same information again and again without getting anywhere.

It can be hoped the banning of referral fees will help stem some of this behaviour, but I doubt that it will stop it altogether, especially from businesses with dubious ethics.

It is a frustration to those of us personal injury solicitors, who make all efforts to properly engage with our clients and ensure we do a thorough job in recovering damages for genuinely injured people, that this practice has been allowed to escalate (not helped by certain ‘mass turnover’ solicitors firms) to such an extent  that it perpetuates the ‘compensation culture’ myth, and leads the insurance sector to gain the government’s ear to make sweeping changes to the market, that will mean there will now be restrictions in place for genuinely injured persons gain proper access to justice.

We would only suggest (as should have always been the case), that any person wanting to bring a claim, go directly to a solicitor!

This is not a radical proposal.

Would you phone up a marketing company to deal with the legalities of selling/buying your house?  Or setting up a business?  Or making a Will?  No.  You would go to a solicitor – perhaps one known to you or recommended by someone you trust, or even just that you have found in the phone book  – but direct to them, and not via a faceless phone centre worker!

Chances are you will get a significantly better service all round, and that is something that we at Linder Myers pride ourselves on providing.

Our firm’s wealth of experience in dealing with all types of injury claims enables us to properly advise the client on the merits of any claim from the outset and to ensure that the case is dealt with in an extremely thorough and technically superior manner in order to maximise the award of damages; and to do so as quickly as possible.

We offer free, impartial and straightforward initial advice with no obligations on you to proceed. We offer “no win, no fee” funding options and you will receive 100% of the compensation.

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer an injury in an accident that could and should have been avoided and wish to bring a claim for compensation, please contact a member of our specialist personal injury team on 0161 832 6972 or alternatively, email a summary of your claim to

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