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Taking Stock of HR Documentation During Lockdown

The outbreak of Coronavirus in the UK, and the government enforced lockdown resulted in many organisations making quick decisions, hoping to ensure the long term future of their business. .

It is likely that a number of business owners will have reacted in haste to the shut down and potentially breached their employment contracts with their staff, for example not having the legal right to lay off staff.  

Other organisations may have found that their contracts of employment revealed more uncertainties than answers. This causes additional pressure on business owners at a time where contracts of employment should offer the business protection and clarity.

Some business owners will have found that they do not have; contracts of employment in place for their staff, up to date staff handbooks or no policies and procedures to cover key tasks. This has resulted in many organisations reliant upon the agreement of their employees to make changes to their hours and remuneration.

Before we know it, this period will pass and business will be back to some form of normality. Therefore now is an open opportunity to ensure you have the right people advising you, and the correct documentation in place. This will provide your organisation with the clarity, protection and flexibility required to weather any future storms ahead.

Linder Myers recognises that getting back to serving communities and fulfilling orders will be at the forefront of your minds once businesses can reopen as usual.

Now is the time to take stock.

Ongoing & Affordable Employment law advice

Linder Myers and its sister companies are able to offer a bespoke solution for your business. We can offer designated, on-demand employment law advice, on a fixed fee basis through our Employ-line program.

The program offers access to an Employment Lawyer, whenever and wherever you need it. The program is built around your business and can grow with you, with pricing dependent on your business size.

Employ-line brochure

By implementing the Employ-line program in your business now, you can minimise future risk and be well prepared for what the future brings.

The employment team at Linder Myers has the extensive knowledge and experience required to help you put together bespoke, compliant documentation and provide legal advice in real time so you are able to avoid the risk of disputes arising in the future.

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