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Reasons to review your Will

A Will should be reviewed every three to five years. It must reflect your current circumstances and take into account any changes in your life and the current law.

We list eight common reasons to review your Will.

Dealing with probate disputes

Probate and Will disputes are becoming more common. If you are an executor, you owe a duty of care and must be careful about the decisions you make if a dispute arises.

If a claim is made or threatened you should not ignore it and you should follow the correct rules and procedure. If you do not, you may leave yourself open to personal liability and future problems.

Brits put themselves at risk by failing to plan for their assets

It’s an alarming statistic, but almost 60% of adults across the UK have not written a Will, leaving their final wishes in the hands of the Intestacy Rules. This lack of planning can have serious consequences to many, especially if you have difficult family circumstances, have children from a previous marriage or are un-married and living with a partner.

Individuals at risk from unregulated will writers

Earlier this month the Law Society (the organisation that represents solicitors in England and Wales) expressed disappointment with the government’s decision not to regulate will writers. Rejecting advice from the Legal Services Board (LSB), which found evidence of dishonesty, incompetence and bad practice by unregulated will writers, the decision leaves individuals at risk from ‘cowboy’…

Inheritance Tax, Wills & Charitable Giving

I was asked the other day about how charitable giving can help with Inheritance Tax. Inheritance Tax is a complex area but the basic idea is simple. Tax is charged on the assets left by the deceased above a minimum figure, referred to as the nil rate bands. This is currently set at £325,000: an…

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