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Coronavirus employment law issues: what you need to know

The coronavirus pandemic has, understandably caused a fair amount of panic amongst business owners as they work to understand the impact on their business. In response, the speed that many employers are making decisions to terminate employee’s employment or place employees on furlough leave is accelerating. However, this in turn is increasing the risk of employers…

How will the unfair dismissal claims cap impact on your workplace?

The government intends to introduce a cap on payouts received in unfair dismissal claims, with the changes expected to launch in summer 2013. Currently, unfair dismissal awards are split into two categories – a basic award which can reach a maximum of £13,500 and a compensatory award that can go up to £74,200, which is a sum greater than the majority of annual salaries earned.

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Changes to Unfair Dismissal Law

A recently leaked Downing Street report suggests that companies should be allowed to dismiss unproductive workers without explanation by introducing a new form of redundancy called “Compensated No Fault Dismissal”.

When is a resignation not a resignation?

I was intrigued to see the union rep for Brodie Clark on Newsnight the other night at pains to tell Jeremy Paxman that Mr Clark did not resign. This was despite accepting that Mr Clark had left his employment. (For those who haven’t been keeping up with the latest Westminster spat Brodie Clark is the former head of the UK Border Force embroiled in the row with Theresa May over passport checks.) When pressed by the Paxmaster the rep James Baume, General Secretary of the senior civil service union the First Division Association, said that “in legal terms” there was not a resignation as Mr Clark was claiming constructive dismissal although “in popular parlance” he had resigned.

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