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Property fraudsters – who is to blame?

It is commonplace for a legal professional to request proof of identification from their client at the beginning of any legal transaction. For a conveyancer, verifying their client’s identity is a particularly heavy burden to bear. Not only does a conveyancer owe a duty of care to their client, but also to their client’s lender…

Dog biting incidents – schoolgirl savaged to death

Tragic news spreads across the country in what appears to be yet another vicious dog biting incident. Teenager, Jade Anderson who was 14 years old was staying at her friend’s house for the start of the Easter holidays. It is understood that Jade was sat eating her lunch when two Staffordshire bull terriers, a blue mastiff…

Lighting at work – the modern office environment

Lighting in the workplace is a subject often never considered by Employers and Employees given that in workplaces there are generally hazards which result in much more immediate and potentially debilitating injuries. The effect of poor lighting in a workplace however should not be underestimated. For one, safe and suitable lighting is important in ensuring…

Accident at work

The recent news about a Policeman shot whilst on a training course has certainly made people think. One day you’re going in to work as you do every day, the next day you are injured. Whilst there are not many of us for whom the consequences of an accident are death (let’s face it, there aren’t that many of us that go on courses involving the use of live ammunition) there is always the possibility of being injured whilst at work.

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