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Childcare issues following divorce or separation

Relationship breakdowns are often more challenging where there are children to consider. The children rarely understand why their parents must live apart and have difficulties themselves coping with the changes. Resolving issues such as where your children will live and how you’re going to care for them now you are separated can be a minefield.

The potential complexities surrounding childcare have featured heavily in the media as, following his recent and very public split from Angelina Jolie, actor Brad Pitt is seeking joint custody of their six children.

Do we need a reality check?

As a Top High Court Judge defends marriage, the etiquette experts Debrett’s announce the release of their “good manners” divorce guide. Sir Paul Coleridge has recently launched an attack on “the disease of divorce” and has condemned family breakdown as the “scourge of society”. In his criticism of the current family law system, the Judge…

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