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Supporting the employees of All Foundations

We are sorry to hear that All Foundations (UK) Limited went into administration. We understand how difficult this may be for those employees whose jobs are at risk. We are here to support those employees of All Foundations Limited through the process. Employees at All Foundations, your protective award claim If you think you are…

Supporting the Employees of Scientia Resource Management

Linder Myers are sorry to hear that Scientia Resource Management Limited are in the administration process. We are here to support those employees, who have lost their jobs or fear losing their jobs. Your Protective Award claim We understand how difficult it must be for those employees, who are at risk of being made redundant.…

Redundancy rockets in the UK

As the Coronavirus outbreak takes its toll on the workplace, British employers planned more than 300,000 redundancies in June and July as reported by BBC News. A huge 1,784 firms made plans to cut approximately 150,000 jobs in July, and 1,888 planned 156,000 cuts in June.  Worryingly, this may only be the tip of the…

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Furloughed employees and redundancy payments: a new law

New legislation has been brought in to ensure the fair treatment of employees on furlough leave who are being made redundant. ‘Furlough leave’ was introduced into the UK in response to the coronavirus pandemic in an effort to prevent mass redundancies. However, some businesses will still need to make redundancies despite the use of the…

Redundancies expected to surge as furlough scheme winds down

The president of the employment tribunals has said he’s anticipating an notable increase in redundancy-related dismissals as the UK’s furlough scheme winds down in the coming months. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme was introduced to help support businesses and employees through the coronavirus pandemic, allowing employers to place employees on ‘furlough leave’. During this period…

Mass Redundancies and Protective Awards

When a firm makes more than 20 or 100 people redundant such as through closing down a factory site, very special rules apply as to an employer’s obligations to its workforce. Failure on the Employer’s part such as when closures occur out of the blue and almost overnight can lead to employees being able to make a claim even if the company has gone into administration or liquidation and the company no longer exists. Most typically the claim is for what is known as a Protective Award.

Protective Award claims – what are they and how much could you be entitled to?

A Protective Award is an award of compensation of up to 90 days’ gross pay, that can be awarded by an Employment Tribunal, for failure by your employer to collectively inform and consult you where you have been dismissed on the grounds of redundancy. This applies to dismissals of 20 or more employees, within a 90 day period.

If such dismissals should occur, your trade union or employee representatives (if any) can put forward a claim to the tribunal on your behalf. If there is no trade union or elected employee representatives, then you can pursue the claim yourself or in conjunction with your fellow workers.