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Cartwright collapse: redundancy and protective awards

Cartwright – redundancy claims Hundreds of people are expected to be made redundant after manufacturing giant Cartwright enters administration. The Cartwright Group has cited financial difficulties due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as the reason for the collapse. Facing redundancy due to the Cartwright collapse The redundancy process is often a difficult time for the…

What is a protective award claim?

A Protective Award is a form of compensation awarded to employees where an employer makes more than 20 redundancies without collectively informing or consulting the employees about the redundancy. With the current global outbreak of Coronavirus, many employers are looking at ways to save money. In many cases, this will unfortunately mean redundancies in their…

Flybe collapse: redundancy and protective awards

Flybe – redundancy claims As the news has broken overnight about the collapse of airline Flybe, its 2000 employees are now facing redundancy.  The redundancy process is often a difficult time for the individual facing redundancy, but when its a mass redundancy due to the collapse of a company it can be particularly hard to…

Bardsley enters administration

Approximately 200 jobs have been put at risk as regional contractor Bardsley Group Ltd, Bardsley Construction Ltd and Bardsley Construction Holdings Ltd enters administration today. Get in touch to find out how Linder Myers can help

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