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Man significantly injured in a motorbike accident recieves £465,000

According to the Department of Transport, individuals who have a motorbike accident are 38 times more likely to be killed on the roads than car drivers when an accident occurs.

In 2013 alone, 331 individuals sadly lost their lives while a further 4,866 were seriously injured following a motorbike accident on Britain’s roads.

We recently acted for a client who was hit at a junction by a car travelling at considerable speed crossing through a red light. He suffered multiple orthopaedic injuries as a result and has amnesia and psychological problems following the accident.

Will Aviva’s new proposals leave victims of whiplash short of much needed compensation?

Earlier this month multinational insurance company Aviva released proposals to abolish cash compensation payouts for individuals making claims for whiplash injuries. In its ‘Road to Reform’ report, Aviva set out plans to reduce the cost of motor insurance while best compensating victims of whiplash. Blaming a ‘compensation culture’ for triggering a flood of claims, Aviva proposes that the only compensation given in whiplash cases should be for medical rehabilitation – abolishing cash payouts for victims of such ‘minor’ neck injuries.

A word of caution before getting on your bike this summer

Cycling fever has well and truly hit the UK. With millions of us turning out to watch the Tour de France’s ‘Grand Départ’ in Yorkshire last weekend, national cycling coach Dave Brailsford is hopeful that the race will encourage more of us to get on our bikes and transform Britain into a “cycling nation”. Unfortunately however, any increase in the popularity of cycling as a result of the Tour de France (not to mention the glorious summer weather) is likely to be met with a corresponding rise in the number of bike accidents.

Accident at work case settles for £2,500

Debbie was employed as a Sales Assistant at a DIY Store in South Wales when she had an accident at work. While undertaking her daily duties, Debbie was required to replace stock in an aisle in the kitchen department of the DIY Store. The stock was located on a shelf approximately 16 feet above ground…

Low impact RTA case settled for £66,500

Kim was driving her partner’s small Mazda car when she came to a roundabout, stopped and was then hit by a 4×4 to the rear. While there was little damage to either vehicle,  due to the age of the Mazda the damage rendered the car beyond economic repair. The policy excess was claimed together with…

£9250 settlement agreed on product liability claim

Mr Smart is elderly and lives alone. He agreed for  a stair lift to be installed at his home to help him with his mobility issues. On the first evening after the lift was installed, Mr Smart suffered a frightening accident when on using the lift the chair suddenly tipped over and he heard a…

Accident in a public place secures £7,000 compensation

Janet from Manchester was walking down the aisle to purchase a carton of milk when suddenly and unexpectedly her left foot slipped from underneath her, causing her to fly up into the air and backwards landing heavily on her bottom and her right arm. Subsequent examination of the floor discovered that Janet slipped on a…

£5,664 claim for teenager injured on work placement

Julie, a teenager from Surrey was recently awarded £5,664 after an injury suffered on a work placement. Julie, who was 16 year’s old was on a two week work experience placement at a teenage play area which consisted  of climbing frames, a rock wall, a fireman’s pole, nets and tunnels. As part of her placement…

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