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A guide to diabetes related amputations

Why are diabetes related amputations becoming an increasing problem and how can you avoid becoming another statistic? This short guide provides advise on the level of medical care diabetics are entitled to, how to avoid problems arising in the first place, and what you can do if you do suffer a diabetes related amputation and you believe this was due to medical negligence.

Family to sue pharmacy following death of woman given the wrong medication

An inquest has heard that a 62 year old Bristol woman died after she was given the wrong medication by a pharmacy in the city.

The grandmother had a regular prescription for pills to treat crohn’s disease but a locum pharmacist mistakenly gave her tablets which were commonly used to treat diabetes.

Rushed to hospital after being found slumped unconscious on her sofa by her son with a packet of the pills next to her, the inquest found that the diabetes tablets had lowered her blood sugar to a dangerous level inducing a coma and she died one month later.

Medical providers should report or confess medical mishaps

There is a consensus from some quarters that the providers of healthcare are not always as open and honest with patients and their relatives as they should be when things go wrong. For over a decade there has been a move to try and address this lack of transparency, with proponents calling for the introduction of a ‘duty of candour’.

Since 2003 there have been a number of government recommendations, reports and consultation papers calling for a change to our ‘culture of denial’ and transparency when admitting mistakes. With a national audit report in 2005 revealing that only 24% of NHS Trusts routinely informed patients of a patient safety incident and 6% admitting to never informing patients ever, it’s clear that change is needed.