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Linder Myers – Legal 500 Directory

Linder Myers is proud to feature in the Legal 500 legal directory. Each year the Legal 500 directory undertake an independent, full and comprehensive analysis of law firms across the United Kingdom in order to assess the best law firms across the country and by region.

BBC breakfast bulletin: The right to be forgotten

One of the lead stories on BBC 1 Breakfast this morning was about the overhaul of UK data protection laws.

British citizens will soon have more rights to control what is done with personal information about them. The UK data protection watchdog is also to get new powers and will be able to levy higher fines.

Ashton’s biggest mistake – Failing to sign a pre – nup.

When Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher tied the knot in 2005, Demi Moore was worth significantly more than her husband-to-be. She had a string of hit films under her belt as well as a high-profile divorce in 2000 from fellow Actor Bruce Willis, from which she reportedly received a settlement of $90 million. Demi’s first…

Miracles do happen

Half the sporting world and more will have watched the final day of the Ryder Cup This was one of the most fascinating TV coverage’s of a mainstream sport In the last 50 years Sport is a joy to watch when played in the right manner with skills that cannot normally be matched by the…

What happens if an employee is sick during annual leave?

In a recent case, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) found that a worker who becomes unfit for work during paid annual leave is entitled to take a period of leave at a later date for the same duration of the period of sickness, irrespective of whether they fell ill before or during a period of annual leave.

When is a resignation not a resignation?

I was intrigued to see the union rep for Brodie Clark on Newsnight the other night at pains to tell Jeremy Paxman that Mr Clark did not resign. This was despite accepting that Mr Clark had left his employment. (For those who haven’t been keeping up with the latest Westminster spat Brodie Clark is the former head of the UK Border Force embroiled in the row with Theresa May over passport checks.) When pressed by the Paxmaster the rep James Baume, General Secretary of the senior civil service union the First Division Association, said that “in legal terms” there was not a resignation as Mr Clark was claiming constructive dismissal although “in popular parlance” he had resigned.

The dangers of using Facebook

In a recent employment case, a teacher posted what she believed to be a throwaway comment on Facebook. In an on-line chat with a colleague, she said that “class 8G1 are just as bad as 8G2 LOL (laugh out loud)”. Although the teacher didn’t mention the names of any pupils or the school she worked…

Pregnancy related dismissals

Pregnant women and women on maternity leave have rights in the workplace including the right not to be dismissed or made redundant because of their pregnancy or maternity leave. If a woman is dismissed or selected for redundancy where the only reason or the main reason for her dismissal or selection is related to pregnancy…

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