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Protective Award claims – what are they and how much could you be entitled to?

A Protective Award is an award of compensation of up to 90 days’ gross pay, that can be awarded by an Employment Tribunal, for failure by your employer to collectively inform and consult you where you have been dismissed on the grounds of redundancy. This applies to dismissals of 20 or more employees, within a 90 day period.

If such dismissals should occur, your trade union or employee representatives (if any) can put forward a claim to the tribunal on your behalf. If there is no trade union or elected employee representatives, then you can pursue the claim yourself or in conjunction with your fellow workers.

Employ-Line – the benefits

As a result of the recession, many organisations are making cutbacks in order to stay afloat. To reduce outgoings, a number of companies are choosing to downsize, reducing the amount of employees that they have working within the business. For organisations having to make employees redundant, there are a number of potential employment law pitfalls that they can fall into. To help businesses protect themselves from potentially harmful litigations, Linder Myers has used its breadth of experience and knowledge to design its employment law advice service Employ-Line.

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