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Significant surge in divorces

As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to take its toll, many people are continuing to see a notable impact on their personal lives. Recent studies have found that the pandemic is creating enormous pressure on relationships, with an expected surge in divorces impending. In the first weekend of September, views on the Citizens Advice divorce page were up…

Unwrapping the Issues of Divorce at Christmas

Once the tinsel has been removed, the tree taken down and the last of the leftovers eaten, the end of the Christmas period can bring a hard realisation to the troubles that may have been hidden in the rush of preparation. New Year – New Beginnings The stresses of the Christmas period often stem from…

High earning wives ‘bullying’ men out of generous divorce settlements

According to a recent report in the Telegraph, more men than ever are receiving generous payouts from the divorce courts, with some also securing ongoing monthly maintenance from bread-winning wives.

This is likely to be an increasing trend, with women earning higher salaries and often being the main earner in a family. The Institute of Public Policy Research states that for 1 in 3 UK families, it is the wife who is the higher earner.

Childcare issues following divorce or separation

Relationship breakdowns are often more challenging where there are children to consider. The children rarely understand why their parents must live apart and have difficulties themselves coping with the changes. Resolving issues such as where your children will live and how you’re going to care for them now you are separated can be a minefield.

The potential complexities surrounding childcare have featured heavily in the media as, following his recent and very public split from Angelina Jolie, actor Brad Pitt is seeking joint custody of their six children.

A word of caution to the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’.

With parents and grandparents looking to help their grown up children in whatever way they can, it has become increasingly common for first time buyers to turn to the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ (or Grandma and Granada) for help in raising the required mortgage deposit. Indeed according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders around 80% of first-time buyers aged under 30 are receiving some form of financial help from their parents.

Pre-nups to become legal

Aiming to reduce the number of Court battles between divorcing couples, new proposals being introduced by the Law Commission are set to enshrine prenuptial agreements in law. The changes are set to revolutionise the divorce process in England & Wales, with couples being able safeguard their assets in the event of a relationship breakdown. The…

Religion and Divorce

There were reports in the press last week that a British woman tried unsuccessfully to sue her former solicitors for negligence due to the fact that they failed to advise her that finalising her divorce would inevitably cause her marriage to end. The response from the general public on Twitter and other online channels seems…

Divorce – what about the children?

I had a meeting with a new client this week which brought the bitter reality of a couples’ separation and the impact it has on their children, sharply into focus.During that first meeting, the recently separated wife held her emotions in check, giving me succinct, detailed information about her marriage and the family finances right…

Debt problems fuelling divorce among older couples?

A recent report from Age-UK and the International Longevity Centre suggests that elderly couples who struggle with debt are twice as likely to experience a marriage breakdown as couples who are financially secure. That financial difficulties can lead to divorce is of course, no surprise. In 2010 the Office for National Statistics released figures which…

Ashton’s biggest mistake – Failing to sign a pre – nup.

When Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher tied the knot in 2005, Demi Moore was worth significantly more than her husband-to-be. She had a string of hit films under her belt as well as a high-profile divorce in 2000 from fellow Actor Bruce Willis, from which she reportedly received a settlement of $90 million. Demi’s first…

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