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Health matters – what you need to know and what you’re entitled to

It could be said that part of the magic of Christmas is that an indulgence pass is allowed and health matters are temporarily shelved as we cater to our heart’s desire of food, fun and festive tipples.

A New Year often signals a more focused look at our general health with diets and gym memberships hitting a high as we start a new year. Spotting and acting on unusual symptoms early, and understanding the medical care you’re entitled to, is as important as maintaining regular exercise and a balanced five-a-day diet.

Cancer diagnosis – why time is of the essence when receiving this news

For most people their doctor breaking the news of a cancer diagnosis is the last thing they want to hear. For many however, it would actually have been better if they had received the news earlier.

Cancer, like many medical conditions is best diagnosed early. Most patients therefore have to rely on their GP or A&E staff to identify those ‘Red Flag’ symptoms and receive urgent referral and investigation or screening systems.

Unfortunately these Red Flags can be missed and the opportunity for cure lost.

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