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Successful Protective Award Claim for Bredbury Hall Ltd Employees

Hotel & Country Club, Bredbury Hall, had to close its doors after its parent company, Newco Ventures Limited, fell into administration in March 2021. Unfortunately, over 30 employees were made redundant without any notice.

The employment team at Linder Myers, lead by Alan Lewis, successfully managed for Bredbury Hall’s employees to receive the eight weeks’ net pay they were entitled to. The expertise in managing Protective Awards contributed significantly to the success, with a total claim value of £105,758.91.

Linder Myers worked with directly with Bredbury Hall employees on a no win no fee basis, meaning that if the team were unable to recover an award for the former employees, no fee would be payable.

How a Protective Award Claim works

If a company makes 20 or more employees redundant from their workplace within a 90-day period, they must collectively consult those employees before making them redundant. The consultation must be carried out with elected employee representatives or a recognised trade union, or both.

If a company fails to meet the consultation requirements before making its employees redundant, then those employees can pursue a Protective Award Claim in an Employment Tribunal. A Protective Award claim would allow affected employees to receive a maximum of 90 days’ gross pay.

The Linder Myers employment team has acted for several individuals who were made redundant with no prior consultation, enabling them to recover the compensation they were entitled to. If you think you may be entitled to a Protective Award claim following a redundancy, simply read our blog ‘Everything you need to know about Protective Awards’ ( and submit your details. The process for starting a protective awards claim is straightforward, and the expert team at Linder Myers manage the process on your behalf.

Other Successful Protective Award Claims we have settled

We have acted for those employers of Scott Green, Kaiam Europe Ltd, D.J Allen (builders Ltd), Warren Evans Plc and several more.

Many people are not aware of their employment rights and what they are entitled to when their employer goes into administration. If you need any further information about employment-related matters, please feel free to contacts us, or sign up to our newsletter.


“The procedure was fully explained to me, the communication was excellent and I was kept up to date at all times.”

“I found his attention to detail extraordinary and feel that he looked after my best interests during the whole process. I strongly recommend Alan Lewis as an employment lawyer.”

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