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Ben Williams


Salma Ahmed

Litigation Executive

Chelsey Bayliss




Andrew Leakey

Principal Lawyer and National Head of Litigation

Alan Lewis Employment Linder Myers

Alan Lewis

Principal Lawyer, Head of Commercial Division and Employment Department

Richard Ashton

Principal Lawyer, Head of Trusts & Estates

Yasar Kaushal

Principal Lawyer, Head of Commercial Property

Andrew McBride

Principal Lawyer, Head of the Personal Injury department

Megan Christie-Copeland

Principal Lawyer, Head of Court of Protection

Phil Bellamy

Principal Lawyer

Thomas Jones


Kieran Bond


Diane Cogan

Principal Lawyer, Head of Childcare, Family and Childcare



Patricia Prescott

Principal Lawyer

David Hinchliffe

Principal Lawyer

Mark Howarth

Principal Lawyer

David Jefferies

Principal Lawyer

Sarah McCarthy

Principal Lawyer

Paul Magee

Principal Lawyer and Head of Commercial Litigation

William O’Neill

Principal Lawyer

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