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Making a referral to Linder Myers

St. James’s Place partners can refer clients to Linder Myers for advice on a wide range of issues. At Linder Myers we are happy to have an informal chat to talk through a case if you are unsure whether a referral is necessary.

A legal agreement governs this relationship between St. James’s Place and Linder Myers and entitles St. James’s Place to a referral fee within the first three years of the original referral being made. This fee can be shared with the St. James’s Place partner, or discounted to the client.

St. James’s Place National Campaign referrals

Conveyancing referrals

For conveyancing referrals, Vicky Reynolds is your key contact. You can get in touch with Vicky via email: or phone: 01743218479.

General referrals

Please complete our standard referral form which can be downloaded here.

If you have not as yet had any discussions with a Linder Myers’ representative with regards to your referral, or if you are in any doubt as to who to send your referral to, please email or write to:

St. James’s Place enquiry department
Linder Myers
Regus House
Herons Way
Chester Business Park

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