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Service charge arrears

With the development and growth of hundreds of properties across the North West and surrounding regions it is no surprise that there is now a growing sum of service charge arrears at many of these block managed developments.

We currently act on behalf of several management companies to recover service charge arrears that have accrued at developments across Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and Yorkshire.

The service charge is put into place to make sure there are funds for the services required within the said development. Each lease in question should deal with the issue of service charge as to when it is due and payable by the owner and the implications that non payment will create.

The Service charge must be demanded by the management company prior to any legal action for non payment. The demand must include details of the outstanding balance and the full name and address where payment should be sent.

If the payment is not received the Management Company can then pass the matter into the hands of Lawyers to chase payment. The cost of the legal action incurred in pursuing the arrears is normally added to the debt as this is specified in most leases. It is always important to check that this is specified to prevent the Management Company being left open to cover costs incurred.

Our fees for the collection of service charge arrears are charged on a Fixed Costs basis, a breakdown of costs at each stage of the collection is available upon request. If the matter becomes defended it will be passed to one of our litigation lawyers to contact you to discuss the matter further and provide an estimate for future costs.

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