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New road traffic accident claims process

In September 2009 the Ministry of Justice announced the introduction of a new process to streamline the compensation system for low cost road traffic accident claims.

Who does it effect?

All road traffic accident claims which have a value between £1,000 and £10,000.

What are the changes?

A portal has been designed which is aimed at providing fast, electronic exchange of information and related documents including medical reports between lawyers and insurance companies to effect communication quicker and avoid duplication.

What are the stages?

Stage 1 involves submitting a Claim Notification Form.

Stage 2 involves submitting a Settlement Pack including a medical report and expenses.

Stage 3 only comes into effect when, although liability is accepted, the parties cannot agree the terms of settlement.

What are the new time frames?

Under the old system, third party insurers had 60 – 90 days to accept to deny liability for claims. Under the new rules, the time to respond to the Claim Notification Form and Settlement Pack has been reduced to 15 business days.

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