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Hot Weather – Health and Safety at work

As the UK braces itself for scorching temperatures across the country, it is important for all businesses and their employees to know the correct health and safety procedures when working in hot weather/environments.

Are restrictive covenants enforceable?

Employers often choose to include restrictions within employment contracts. Workers who sign up to the restrictive covenants are agreeing not to do certain things once their employment is over. These restrictions work to protect employers by preventing their previous employees from using the knowledge and information gained at the workplace for the benefit of their new jobs.

Attorneys and their authority to make gifts

The question arising in a recent case brought before the Court was, whether a person who had been sectioned under s.3 of the Mental Health Act 1983 When you are appointed as attorney the question will sometimes arise about gifts and whether they can be made on behalf of the person who lacks capacity. The authority of an attorney to make gifts is laid out on s.12 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005. In short the authority to make gifts is limited to customary occasions for those connected with that person or to a charity, all the while being a reasonable size when looking at what assets that person has and what they would usually gift.

Personal Injury Award and State Funding for Care – Can you have both?

The question arising in a recent case brought before the Court was, whether a person who had been sectioned under s.3 of the Mental Health Act 1983

Elderly Abuse – The extent of the problem.

The extent of financial abuse within families is more of a problem than may necessarily be known.

Surety bonds: what do you need to know?

A bond is an insurance policy put in place to protect the person whom the deputyship is for.

Court of Protection and assurance visits

Once you have been appointed as deputy by the Court of Protection, as part of the Court overseeing the deputyship they may ask one of the Court of Protection visitors to meet with you for an assurance visit.

Lasting Powers of Attorney – are you thinking of including specific instructions or guidance?

Specifically the Court looked at whether the provisions were valid or not. If the OPG is unsure about a certain provision included in a Lasting Power of Attorney they can make an application to Court to ask a Judge to make a ruling.

Gifts by Attorneys or Deputies: when do you need permission?

For most people who are appointed either as an attorney or deputy, a difficulty can arise over a question of gifts and the authority to make them. Gifts are part of everyday life and there are many reasons why someone would make a gift. If someone does lack capacity and has a deputy or attorney in place there are strict rules about what gifts can be made.

Cross-border capacity issues

As a background to this cross-border capacity case, P lived in Portugal with his sister. The Court had ordered that P was to return to the UK, where he was from, however his sister disagreed with this Order. This was an appeal for which the Court had to consider whether the original Order made was a good way of getting him back to the UK. They also had to look at whether returning to the UK was still in P’s best interests.

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