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Recovering service charge arrears – a quick guide for managing agents

Once appointed to a development, managing agents provide a range of services to ensure the efficient running of the property in question. In order to do this, service charges need to be paid in full and on time by all leaseholders. Where a leaseholder falls into arrears, it is the responsibility of the managing agent to seek recovery of any monies due to ensure standards are maintained. However, recovering service change arrears is not always a straightforward process.

The role of managing agent is complex and requires an understanding of landlord and tenant law, accounting, building construction, health and safety and more. However, even the most experienced managing agents can come unstuck when it comes to recovering service charge arrears.

The legal process can be expensive and time-consuming, and there are numerous legal technicalities and pitfalls that can catch out debt recovery agencies and solicitors. In such circumstances, a specialist service charge recovery partner is required.

 A specialised service charge arrears recovery process

To deal with this problem effectively, at Linder Myers we provide a competitively priced legal recovery service, designed to help managing agents deal with service charge recovery. Operating for the last 20 years our service has helped commercial landlords and leading property management specialists recover outstanding service charges in full, and as quickly as possible.

Backed by a team of specialist property solicitors, we respond quickly and decisively when problems or disputes arise.

We offer:

  •  A team of experienced service charge recovery managers, ready to start working on your case within an hour of instruction
  • A fast and efficient process to help recover any service charge arrears  in full and as quickly as possible
  • A range of transparent and competitive fixed prices that will be explained to you at the outset, so there are no hidden surprises
  • Immediate access to a highly regarded team of specialist property solicitors and partners
  • A lease review service, which will help reduce the likelihood of any disputes arising in the first place and manage your commercial risk
  • Regular and timely reporting, providing you with the information you require to run your business

With extensive experience in dealing with service charge disputes arising from claims for non-payment and counterclaims brought forward by the leaseholder, if you need specialised service charge recovery support, contact Linder Myers today.

Contact our Commercial Litigation department today to find out more about how we can help you.

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