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Did you know the PPI Claim deadline is 29th August 2019 for a deceased relation?

Our Trusts and Estates department would like to advise that the latest date to submit a PPI claim is the 29th August 2019.

If you believe you can make a PPI claim on a deceased relation, you have until the 29th August to do so.  Sometimes families discover their loved one had taken out a PPI whilst sorting out their affairs, the PPI Claim does not die with the individual but you only have a limited time to claim for this.

For information regarding this we would refer you to the Financial Conduct Authority .  This link may also assist you–how-to-urgently-reclaim-ppi-for-a-deceased-relativ

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to Call Us on 0800 042 0700, or email us on

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