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The importance of specialist personal injury legal advice to secure your financial future

If you’ve had an accident or personal injury it can be tempting to accept the first compensation payment offered. However with the Financial Services Authority (FSA) stating that people on average get two-three times more if they consult a solicitor[i], many victims could be losing out on fair compensation payments.

With the Law Society running a national campaign to highlight the benefits of specialist legal advice, it is hoped that people will think twice about what is actually best for them when seeking compensation. While compensation can never make up for the suffering caused, it can go a long way to ensuring day-to-day life is as normal as possible.

With serious head and brain injuries, the issue of fair compensation is extremely pertinent.

Brain and head injuries can have a serious and often lasting effect. Impacting on your career, your family, your day-to-day living and even your personality. Compensation can offer a real lifeline for victims and their families. However when such a serious injury occurs, it is vital to get expert advice.

Whilst knowledge and experience of the law in relation making a personal injury claim should be a given of any personal injury lawyer, without the support of a specialist solicitor you risk appointing someone who lacks the necessary understanding of the long-term support and rehabilitation needs that you may require.

Why you should always seek specialist personal injury legal advice

With the support of a lawyer who specialises in serious head and brain injuries you benefit from the peace of mind that any claim is in the hands of someone who will not only ensure compensation to look after your necessary short term needs, but also work tirelessly to secure your financial future.

Personal injury compensation can be sought to cover:

  • Interim payments to cover any immediate financial requirements (advances on final award)
  • Rehabilitation and medical requirements
  • Housing adaptations
  • Vehicle adaptations
  • Technology/communication needs

In addition a specialist serious head and brain injuries lawyer will be able to advise you on appropriate medical and rehabilitation teams, have a sound awareness of organisations which can assist and work closely with Court of Protection deputies where required.

Our personal injury lawyers will always advise what is best for you, contact a member of our team on 0161 832 6972 or email a summary of your claim, with your contact details, to

Court of protection

After a serious brain or head injury a person may lack the ability to independently make decisions and manage their own financial affairs.

Whether this is a permanent or temporary situation a specialist serious head and brain injuries lawyer will be able to help with the appointment of Court of Protection deputies to help protect the interests of the client now and in the future.

At Linder Myers we have a specialist Court of Protection team which regularly acts for people who are under the jurisdiction of the Court of Protection. We are experienced in acting as independent Deputies for incapacitated people and making deputyship applications for family members who wish to be appointed, helping you through every stage of this important process.

While it is vital to seek legal advice in these circumstances, it is just as important to ensure that your solicitor is appropriately specialised.



[i] Than payments made to claimants who accept an insurer’s first offer.

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