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How to deal with personal financial problems

The level of consumer debt in the UK recently grew to reach a seven-year high.

For the increasing number of individuals facing mounting financial problems, the future can appear bleak with no obvious way out and few, if any, viable options. So, what steps can you take to help you climb out of debt and face the future with increased optimism? In this guide, we set out 10 key things you need to know, to help you deal with the problem of mounting personal debt.

In ‘How to deal with personal financial problems’ we’ll look at

  • How to prioritise your spending
  • The options available to you such as bankruptcy and IVAs
  • How to deal with bankruptcy
  • How Linder Myers can help

Download the guide here

Why choose Linder Myers?

At Linder Myers, we are used to helping clients who are in financial difficulty to find a way out.

Our specialist insolvency team can review your present position, help you to prioritise and consider the best options for you. We can also help you defend a bankruptcy petition and speak to your creditors to find solutions and reach agreements where possible.

Our experienced financial restructuring team provides pragmatic support to individuals, directors and businesses facing financial difficulties, and to creditors anxious to protect their position when dealing with both individuals and businesses.

Early consultation enables us to advise you on the full range of options that are available to you, and helps you choose the most beneficial outcomes for you, your family, your employees and business partners.

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