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The parent’s guide to forced adoption

Forced adoption is the absolute last resort for ensuring the well-being and safety of a child.

However, having a child placed in adoption or care, without parental consent, is one of the most painful events that a parent or child can endure.  

In the majority of adoptions, the biological parent(s) legally relinquishes parental responsibility of the child. Compulsory adoptions, however, take place despite of the parents’ express wishes. 

For parents who have had their children taken away without explicit consent, there are a number of issues and concerns which could potentially arise including:

  • Why has my child been placed for adoption?
  • How long will the adoption last?
  • Can I appeal?
  • Can I have access?
  • Will I be given support?

With this in mind, it is the purpose of  'The Parent's Guide to Forced Adoption' is to answer these questions in the simplest manner possible. With such concerns making a  stressful situation even more difficult - especially for parents who are new to the UK and from other EU countries - we hope to provide a little clarity to the process for all concerned. 

Download the report here

Why choose Linder Myers? 

Linder Myers are family law experts; specialising in cases of forced adoption and child care matters. Our experienced team can guide you through this often lengthy process and provide advice at every stage. Your first meeting with a solicitor will be free of charge and we will give you a clear indication of the costs involved from the outset.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you contact us today.

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