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Is my solicitor hearing what I am saying? Why choosing the right solicitor is crucial to noise induced hearing loss claims

Hearing loss is defined by the dictionary as deafness; partial or complete loss of hearing, choosing the right solicitor is crucial to noise induced hearing loss claims.

We experience everyday noise in our daily lives which ranges from sounds from the television and household appliances to traffic noise.  Generally, these sounds are at a safe level and do not damage our hearing.  However, we can be exposed to harmful noise,  such as sound that is too loud or which lasts over a prolonged period of time.

The sensitive structure of the inner ear can be damaged by such noise, leading to noise-induced hearing loss. Whilst hearing loss can be caused by a one-time exposure to an intense sound, it can also occur as a result of exposure over an extended period of time, such as noise generated in an engineering or industrial environment.

Sound is measured in units called decibels (db) and sound of less than 75 decibels is unlikely to cause hearing loss, even after long exposure.  Long or repeated exposure to sound above 85 decibels can cause or lead to hearing loss.  In simple terms, the louder the sound, the shorter the amount of time it can take for hearing loss to occur.

When taking the step to make a noise induced hearing loss claim, it is essential for a person to understand the legal process involved in investigating and submitting a personal injury hearing loss claim.  A key part of this process is choosing and instructing a solicitor who will listen to your circumstances and have the professional skills and knowledge to competently investigate and advance any claim.

The process for investigating and submitting a noise induced hearing loss claim can take many months and during this period it is essential for a claimant to have a regular and on-going dialogue with their solicitor, so that they may understand the various stages of a claim.

Choosing a noise induced hearing loss solicitor can be bewildering and is a very personal choice, due to the nature of the claim and the information required to undertake a full investigation – knowing how to obtain a full work history, how to assess an individual’s hearing loss and addressing a person’s funding options are all key aspects of a claim which require the instruction of a specialist solicitor.

The occupational disease team at Linder Myers offer a personal approach to all these issues and are regularly consulted by individuals who feel their cases have stalled or are being dealt with purely as part of a group litigation.

You can speak to a member of our team if you have suffered noise induced hearing loss on 0161 835 8832. Alternatively, please email a summary of your potential claim and contact details to

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