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FAQs for neighbour disputes

Our legal team have answered common questions relating to neighbour disputes. Simply click on the question below to find out more about what you can do to resolve such disputes with neighbours.

My neighbours are very noisy, what can I do?

It might be worth speaking to your neighbour calmly and politely ask them to stop the noise. If your neighbours are tenants, you could contact their landlord and complain about the level of noise. If your neighbours are not tenants, or this does not resolve the situation, then you may want to report the problem to your Local Council.

I want to carry out some structural work to my property that is located on the boundary line of my neighbour’s property. Does my neighbour have to agree to this?

In this situation a certain procedure must be followed. This is set out in a piece of legislation called The Party Wall Act 1996. If you don’t follow this, you could be fined up to £1,000. If you think the Party Wall etc Act 1996 applies to you, please contact us for more detailed information.

I want to build an extension on my house. Do I have to apply for planning permission?

Your Local Council’s planning department should be able to advise you about any necessary planning permission needed. You should find this out before you start building. Certain types of extensions do not require planning permission, this can be dependant upon the size of the extension and where you want to build. For more information on this, you should contact your local Council.

I need access onto my neighbour’s property to repair my fence but my neighbour won’t let me, what can I do?

The Title Deeds to your property usually give you permission to access your neighbours land to carry out repairs. You can obtain a copy of the Title Deeds to your property by contacting the Land Registry.

If there is no mention of this in the Title Deeds, you will probably need your neighbours permission to access their land. Consider mediation if your neighbour says no and this causes tension between you both.

My neighbour has a tree in his garden and its roots are damaging my property, what can I do?

It may be that it is your neighbour’s responsibility to repair the damage caused to your property. However, your neighbour must have known or ought to have known that the tree roots would cause damage.

My neighbours tree branches are overhanging into my garden, can I cut them down?

You may be able to cut the branches back to the boundary line of your property, but it is probably best to ask your neighbour for permission before doing so. You must also ensure that the tree is not subject to a tree preservation order.

How do I find out where the boundary line is between my property and my neighbours property?

The Title Deeds to your property usually have a plan of your property which highlights the boundary lines and details the measurements of the land that you own. You can obtain a copy of the Title Deeds to your property by contacting the Land Registry

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