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Medical negligence continues to hurt long after the incident

Stories highlighting cases of medical negligence are unfortunately all too common. For patients who sadly find themselves in this unfortunate position, the effects are long lasting and the physical injury is only part of the pain caused.

Many will experience significant financial hardship if their ability to return to work has been reduced or has become impossible due to their avoidable injury. Some will need to make significant home adaptations if they find themselves in a wheelchair as a result for example or require 24 hour care following the incident.

An injury suffered due to the negligence of medical staff in a hospital, a GP or even a pharmacist, can sadly change lives forever and can impact not only the individual, but also have a serious effect on wider family members and any dependents.

A physical or psychological injury caused as a result of the mistake of a medical professional can last long after the incident itself. For those who find themselves in these unfortunate circumstances, compensation is available to cover the essential costs incurred.

A return to work can become impossible following a significant injury or on-going long term care and rehabilitation may be required for which compensation is available.

If you have suffered a significant injury as a result of the following, we may be able to pursue a medical negligence claim on your behalf:

a delayed referral
a delayed or wrongful diagnosis
an error in prescribed medication
a careless medical procedure
• your health has suffered as a result of being subjected to an unacceptable level of medical care

To demystify the claims process, our guide explains the definition of medical negligence and provides a step-by-step explanation of the compensation claims process including information on how medical negligence compensation is calculated.

If you have suffered a significant physical or psychological injury due to medical negligence, contact a member of our team for a free initial consultation on 0800 085 3295. Alternatively, contact us with details of your potential claim by email at

Download our step by step guide to pursuing a medical negligence claim guide


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