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Is the tragic news of the avoidable death of Jack Adcock a symptom of an overstretched NHS?

Recent news of the avoidable death of six year old Jack Adcock as a result of the gross negligence of the medical professionals responsible for his care will strike to the heart of many.

Any death is tragically sad but even more so when it is avoidable, is caused by the mistakes of trusted professionals and when it involves a young child with their whole lives in front of them.

Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was found guilty of manslaughter at the Nottingham Crown Court following a trial which lasted several weeks. Agency nurse Isabel Amaro was also convicted of the same offence.

In response to a series of identified, and significant, oversights including missing blood test results which were “seriously abnormal”, failing to recognise that Jack was struggling for oxygen and had gone into shock and neglecting to monitor his condition, Dr Bawa-Garba stated that she had been working a 12 hour shift with no break.

As we mourn the avoidable death of a vulnerable child, it is also saddening to see the tragic consequences of an NHS which continues to operate under growing pressures. While two medical professionals will be held accountable for these tragic circumstances, there is a continued concern that medical professionals are working in conditions that are likely to increase the risk to patient care.

Drivers will be all too familiar with the ‘Tiredness can kill, take a break’ signs on the motorway, the risks of tiredness are many including:

• slower reaction times
• increased risk of errors of judgement
• difficulty concentrating
• impact on decision making

While justice is served for this young man’s family, questions should also be asked as to why doctors and medical staff are working in conditions which may significantly increase the risk of serious mistakes being made and lives being lost unnecessarily.

As the NHS continues to provide a free health service to millions of patients every year, and thankfully with no incident in the majority of cases, it is hoped that the latest tragedy serves as a stark reminder of the devastating effects when things go wrong.

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