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Hip replacement success on oldest patient is warming news

It was recently reported that a hip replacement operation had been successfully carried out on what is believed to be the oldest patient who had new ceramic hips fitted at the age of 112 following a fall which caused a fracture.

Gladys Hooper from the Isle of Wight is quoted as saying that she felt “somewhere near 80” in age following the operation at St Mary’s Hospital. According to NHS figures, 66,000 hip replacement operations were carried out in England and Wales in 2013.

While thankfully, most of these procedures are undertaken with success, there are some risks involved in what is still major surgery including:

• the possibility of hip dislocation
• infection at the site of the procedure
• injuries to the blood vessels or nerves
• fractures
• a difference in leg length following the procedure

Different materials are available for these procedures, some have greater benefits and less risks than others with the options including ceramic, plastic and metal-on-metal hip replacements.

Metal-on-metal hip replacements were subjected to high profile controversy in recent years with some brands being recalled and a number of hospitals subjected to legal action due to patients being fitted with mismatched components.

A successful hip replacement can make a significant difference to the life of a patient including increasing their mobility and can offer low levels of wear and tear when they do work. The average age of a modern artificial hip is 15 years with one in ten patients requiring a further operation down the line.

The NHS provides advice on some of the warning symptoms to look out for following a hip replacement and advises individuals experiencing these to visit their GP:

• pain in the groin, hip or leg
• swelling at or near the hip joint
• a limp or problems walking
• grinding or clunking from the joint

Although the above may not mean there is anything wrong, further investigation is recommended.

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