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Fruehauf Ltd employees at risk of redundancy

Employees of Fruehauf Limited may be entitled to a pay-out if they are made redundant.

Fruehauf’s employees potential Protective Award entitlement

We are sorry to hear that Fruehauf Limited, based in Grantham, have gone into administration. This puts the jobs of 100 employees at risk, potentially making its employees eligible for a Protective Award.

If employees are made redundant, or about to be made redundant, they will be entitled to receive a pay out of money, by way of pursuing a Protective Awards claim. If you are an employee of Fruehauf you will have the right to claim a Protective award, as long as these two conditions are met:

  1. You have been made redundant, or are about to be made redundant
  2. You were not consulted with adequately prior to your redundancy (or you think that you are not going to be)

If an employer tells you that you are going to be made redundant, this does not mean that they have consulted with you adequately. There are formal processes and time periods they have to comply with. These conditions still apply, even where your employer went into administration.

If you worked for Fruehauf and have been made redundant, and were not consulted with adequately prior to your redundancy, you will be entitled to a protective award.

If you are an affected employee and need further information about the consultation process on redundancy, or whether you think you are at risk of redundancy, please get in touch with us below by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button and submitting your information. We offer a free consultation, so even if you are unsure, or are unsure on your potential payment entitlement, we can help you out. Do not worry, you will not be bound to continue with us.

What is a Protective Award?

A protective award is a sum of payment, which you are entitled to if the above two conditions have not been met on your redundancy. For this claim to work effectively, it is best for several employees to gather together to help pursue the claim, so that employees can receive your entitlement they deserve.

How much will my claim be worth?

A protective award rewards a maximum of 90 days gross’ pay, which is capped at £544 per week.

The amount of award you will receive will depend on the performance of your employer to consult with you prior to your redundancy and whether they complied with the correct notice requirements on redundancy. This is even applicable in cases of administration.

The Government will pay out your award under the scheme to guarantee payment.

The process for pursuing a protective award claim

If you are made redundant and are wishing to make a claim, you must first go through the ACAS Early conciliation process.

The right to claim for Protective Awards isn’t always well-known to employees and there’s a time limit of three months to begin a claim so it’s important to act fast with professional guidance.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible or will be eligible for a protective award, we can let you know. We offer a free 20 minute consultation.

It is best to act as soon as possible for the best chance to protect your rights and so you can receive the entitlement you deserve.


We have helped several employees receive the money that they deserve following redundancies where their employer fell into administration. These include the employees of Kaiam Europe Ltd, Scott Green, Depatchi, Bredbury Hall and several more.

To find out if you are eligible, contact us on 0800 042 0700 or email

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