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Successful personal injury case studies

We fight hard to secure the maximum compensation available for clients who have suffered personal injuries.

Linder Myers’ team of specialist lawyers secure millions of pounds worth of personal injuries compensation for clients every year. Our experts have extensive experience of representing clients who have suffered personal injuries as a result of a road accident, accident at work or in a public place or as a result of a criminal assault.

The following details some recent successful personal injuries claims, fought, and won, on behalf of our clients.

£1.5 million secured for client hit by a car while cycling

Our client was cycling along a main road when she was hit by a car which was attempting to make a right turn improperly. She suffered extensive injuries including a severe head injury, a brachial plexus injury to her right shoulder and fractures to her upper right arm.

We secured substantial interim funding to help her begin her rehabilitation. This was managed by a case manager who coordinated the programme of care which included neuropsychotherapy, clinical neuropsychology and occupational therapy. This interim funding also expedited our client moving to more suitable accommodation to meet her needs.

Although we were advised £1.2 million would be a reasonable settlement, we continued to fight hard on her behalf and successfully settled the case for £1.5 million.

£5 million compensation won for client severely brain damaged after he was knocked over by a car on his way home from school

Our client was 11 at the time of his injury. He was walking home from only his third day at school when he was knocked over by a car causing severe injuries. He is now severely brain injured with significant physical disabilities including partial paralysis, impaired vision, fatigue and experiences difficulties with his speech and concentration.

We fought hard to establish a comprehensive rehabilitation programme for him, employing a case manager and securing interim funding in the region of £1 million. This was to cover the cost of the programme together with enabling his family to purchase suitable accommodation and cover the cost of the required adaptations to meet his needs. He needs 24/7 care as a result of his significant personal injuries and this has been allowed for with a view to the settlement covering the cost of a carer living with the family.

We worked with experts from no less than 12 individual disciplines in order to fully consider his long term needs and properly calculate the cost of the care he would require to reach the best compensation outcome to meet his short and long term needs.

Client left unable to work following a motorbike accident receives £500,000 compensation

Our client was riding a motorbike on a slip road towards a major motorway when a driver, who was already on the motorway, pulled across three lanes of traffic to try and exit the motorway. The car collided with our client at speed. She spent five days unconscious and sustained multiple personal injuries as a result of the road accident including a broken pelvis, broken right femur, broken left ankle, fractured right hip, fractured right wrist and shrapnel injuries.

Our client was employed by the Ministry of Defence at the time of her accident but she was forced to retire due to the extensive nature of the injuries suffered.

We appointed a case manager to help with her extensive rehabilitation programme which included orthopaedic care, speech and language therapy and vocational rehabilitation. We also secured an interim payment for our client to allow her to purchase highly specialised hearing aids.

Maximum CICA compensation award secured for client following unprovoked street attack

Our client was assaulted by a group of people in an unprovoked attack. He sustained severe personal injuries including a cracked eye socket, lens and retina damage to his right eye, a fractured cheekbone, broken nose and a fractured left jaw. As the assailants could not be identified, we submitted a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

We commissioned three expert reports including from an ophthalmologist, a neurologist and a psychiatrist to ensure that the CICA had all the necessary information to assess the claim accurately. Our client was awarded the maximum available CICA award of £500,000 for both his injuries and loss of earnings.

£94,000 compensation won for historic sexual abuse

Our client was sexually abused for around two years in the mid-1970s. Due to so much time having passed since the abuse took place, we faced an issue in that the defendant in the case was deceased and therefore the incident couldn’t be reported to the police. As such, the CICA’s initial response was that the case didn’t meet its criteria.

However, after exhaustive research we uncovered a counsellor’s report from closer to the time of the incident which referenced what had happened. We commissioned a psychiatric report for our client which confirmed that he was suffering with PTSD. We also took witness statements from the client’s siblings to support the claim. All of this supporting evidence led to the CICA considering the claim and finding that our client was entitled to compensation, an award of £94,000 was secured as a result.

£500,000 secured for eight year old who sustained severe brain injuries after being violently shaken as a baby

Our client, at four months old, was shaken violently by her mother’s boyfriend. This resulted in severe personal injuries including brain injury and bleeding on the brain. She was taken into care and subsequently adopted. Now eight years old, our client requires a very high level of care including a variety of special adaptions to her house.

We commissioned a forensic paediatric neurologist consultant who confirmed the injuries our client had sustained. Our client will never be able to work and will require a high level of care for her entire life.

We presented the findings to the CICA who after deliberation, agreed our client was entitled to the maximum CICA award of £500,000.

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