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Cosmetic surgery negligence claims

The number of men and women undergoing cosmetic surgery is on the increase, with the general public keen to explore the procedures on offer and the beauty benefits of cosmetic surgery.


With such an increase, cosmetic surgery solicitors have seen a sharp rise in cosmetic surgery negligence claims from patients who are unhappy with the results achieved or treatment received. Making the decision to have cosmetic surgery can be life changing and very expensive, and if it goes wrong the effects can be devastating.

There are also patients who undergo plastic surgery and re-constructive surgery in order to repair damage to the face and body following an injury or illness. Patients seek to make a negligence claim if the results do not meet expectations or caused suffering or additional damage.

Private sector cosmetic surgery

A lot of the treatment in relation to cosmetic surgery is in the private sector. It is becoming increasingly common for people to pay many thousands of pounds to improve their aesthetic appearance.

Common cosmetic surgery procedures include:

  • Operations on the nose (rhinoplasty)
  • Breast surgery
  • Liposuction (lipoplasty)
  • Eye surgery (blepharoplasty – a modification of the eyelids)
  • Face lifts (rhytidectomy)

There are also many non-surgical (also called non-invasive) beauty treatments available to the general public which can cause injury. If you wish to make a claim against a beauty therapist or salon please contact our team of personal injury solicitors.

Your cosmetic surgery compensation claim

Our team of cosmetic surgery solicitors are experienced in pursuing cosmetic surgery claims. If you feel as though you have been ill treated, either in the private sector or in the NHS in respect of your cosmetic or plastic surgery, you should not hesitate to contact one of our specialist team of cosmetic surgery solicitors.

Who qualifies for cosmetic surgery compensation?

Whether the surgeon is working for the NHS or a private clinic, they have a duty of care to their patient, as do any other healthcare professionals involved. If this duty is not fulfilled, be it through error, oversight, miscommunication or general incompetence, the patient is completely within their rights to seek cosmetic surgery negligence compensation. Common reasons for cosmetic surgery negligence claims include:

  • Negligence that had a negative effect on the outcome of the surgery
  • Negligence that caused complications to your general health
  • The results achieved do not live up to the surgeon or consultant’s promises
  • Faulty medical equipment or products that caused harm
  • Failure to communicate the risks of a procedure
  • A low standard of post-operative care, resulting in harm

The cosmetic surgery solicitors at Linder Myers have extensive experience in handling these often emotionally charged and sensitive cases. Most cosmetic surgery may be elective, but patients still have the right to professional and competent treatment. If you pay for a product which later turns out to be faulty, you would expect to be reimbursed, and the same applies for cosmetic surgery you have paid for – the fact that it was not an essential procedure has no bearing on your entitlement to justice.

Contact a member of our team for a free and confidential initial consultation if you believe you have a claim on 0800 085 3295 or send a summary of your claim to

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