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Ophthalmic claims: laser surgery, diabetics and glaucoma

Laser eye surgery

The treatment of eye conditions has developed rapidly over the years. There has been a growth in different types of laser surgery in correcting people’s vision so as to avoid the need for wearing spectacles. However, not all expectations are met arising out of such laser eye surgery.

There are often issues of informed consent as well as issues in relation to the technical expertise of those performing the surgery. If you consider that you have suffered an injury or have not obtained a result that you were led to expect, you should contact our specialist team.

Treatment of eye conditions linked to diabetes

The treatment of diabetics in relation to their eye conditions and the risks of developing retinal detachment and glaucoma are equally important. Opticians and ophthalmic surgeons are often under scrutiny in relation to the treatment of those developing these conditions.

Cataract surgery and other treatments

There are often complications arising out of what might seem to be straightforward cataract surgery and other apparently simple procedures.

Vision is a very important sense and threatening this can leave clients vulnerable and with expensive life changes to make.

If you consider that your treatment has been sub-standard in relation to any of these aspects, you should contact our specialist team on 0800 085 3295 or by email at


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