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Special guardianship

Special guardianship secures the long-term relationship between a carer and child.

It is designed to build stable and permanent relationships between carers and children for whom adoption is not an appropriate option, and is widely regarded as a half-way house between an Adoption Order and a Residence Order.

A Special Guardianship Order confers upon you, as carer or guardian, extended rights and duties in respect of a child living with you. Whilst not entirely extinguishing the parental responsibility of birth parents it gives you a decision making role in the life of the child.

It is important in cases of Special Guardianship that you obtain the very best legal representation available. Our dedicated team of expert solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with special guardianship applications and guiding you through the process.

You may be a foster carer who has been looking after a child and the child’s future placement in the long term is with you. The birth parents may be involved to an extent but the placement with you needs to be supported in a more formal legal order. Alternatively, you may be a family carer and it may be important to establish your enhanced role in respect of the child, birth parents or other family members.

The application to court can involve several hearings and be a lengthy and complicated process during which you may require legal representation. Proceedings may involve the birth parents, social services and fostering agencies.

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