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Pregnancy and maternity related dismissals

Pregnant women and women on maternity leave have rights in the workplace including the right not to be dismissed or made redundant because of the pregnancy or maternity leave.

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If a woman is dismissed or selected for redundancy where the only or main reason for her dismissal or selection is related to pregnancy or maternity leave, the dismissal will be automatically unfair in law. Providing understanding, consideration and straightforward advice in the area of pregnancy and maternity related dismissals, our dedicated team of specialist employment solicitors will guide you through the best course of action and can also represent you in Employment Tribunal proceedings.

Where a redundancy situation arises whilst an employee is pregnant or on maternity leave and the employer or an associated employer has a suitable alternative vacancy, the employee should be offered the suitable alternative vacancy in preference to other colleagues. If an employer fails to do this, the employee may have a claim for automatically unfair dismissal and sex discrimination.

Our dedicated team of specialist employment lawyers has guided many individuals and businesses who are involved in matters arising out of pregnancy and maternity related issues in the workplace and we have gained an excellent reputation in this area of law. Our Head of Employment, Alan Lewis, provides regular advice and assistance to

Our friendly and approachable specialist employment solicitors offer extensive experience of assisting both employees and employers in this ever-changing area of law. Acting for both sides has given us a greater insight which enables us to more effectively resolve these complex claims.

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