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Employment policies and proceedures

In order to ensure that employees are fairly treated and properly protected, employers are required to comply with current employment legislation. This however is constantly changing and it is difficult for organisations to stay up to date and compliant. Disputes often arise and our specialist employment lawyers can offer guidance, advice and represent you in Employment Tribunals where necessary.

Helping to protect your rights, negotiate favourable terms & conditions and pursue compensation if all else fails, our specialist employment lawyers have considerable experience of negotiating and resolving employment issues, plus a particular expertise in Human Resources policies and procedures.

Contracts of employment

Your employer has a legal obligation to provide you with a statement of your main terms and conditions within two months of your start date. If they fail to provide this, they could be liable to a penalty and you may be able to make a claim against them at an Employment Tribunal.

Contracts of employment are legally-binding and provide a clear set of terms and conditions under which you are employed. We can review your existing contract to establish your legal position and provide you with advice. Specific points for consideration should include:

  • Your notice period
  • An employer’s right to deduct overpayments from your wages
  • Medical examinations for long term sick leave
  • Garden leave provisions
  • Any restrictive covenants

Long term absence

We can help to protect you against unfair dismissal and discrimination if you go on long-term sick leave. In particular, your employer must ensure that you have received proper documentation and that they have met their significant obligations, otherwise you may be able to pursue a claim against them.

Staff handbooks

You should have been given a staff handbook at the start of your employment which details your employer’s HR policies and procedures. We can review your employer’s policies on such matters as maternity leave, sickness absence, bullying and harassment and disciplinary and grievance procedures. We can advise you whether such policies comply with the law and provide you with adequate protection.

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