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Inheritance Act Claims

It is traumatic when a loved one dies and this can be made worse should you discover that you are not entitled to any of their assets.

At Linder Myers we can advise you on whether you have a successful claim for provision, and if so, the necessary steps to make any provision legally binding.

We provide specialised  legal support with regards to all aspects of disputed Wills, including:

  • Where the deceased failed to make a Will and under Intestacy Rules you are not a beneficiary
  • Where the deceased has not left you anything in their Will and you relied on them financially
  • Where a child is left out of a Will due to doubts over paternity (or where they were not known to the parent)
  • Where trustees (the person who administers the assets that have been put in a trust for someone else’s benefit)  refuse to give you any provision from the estate.
Without legal action beneficiaries and executors will normally have to consent for you to receive provision. Where this is not  forthcoming it is important to act quickly due to time constraints on any disputed action.
Our Disputed Wills & Probate solicitors can help you deal with executors, or make a formal application to court. Providing definitive guidance on your potential entitlement, we make sure you are fully informed before you enter any negotiation. We can also advise on the necessary steps to make the provision between the parties legally binding.

With extensive experience in dealing with cases of this kind we recognise that this is often a very difficult time for the individuals involved, so act with skill and sensitivity.

With competitive fees and transparent costs that are agreed with you at the outset, if you would like to find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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