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Neighbour Disputes

Neighbour disputes can be one of the most upsetting and stressful situations any homeowner has to face.

neighbour disputes

We aim to provide you with the most practical and cost effective solutions to your case. Our team always encourages neighbours in these situations to resolve the issues as amicably as possible and promote the use of negotiation or mediation (whether formal or informal) if it is suitable to your particular case.

Neighbour disputes can have many sources but in practice the most common are caused by:

  • Boundary disputes: These may arise because a neighbour proposes to erect an extension wall or fence in the wrong position. This may be a trespass, which may require an urgent application to be made to the court for an injunction and/or compensation.
  • Overhanging trees or branches: If your neighbour’s tree or its branches are overhanging over your property, this is a form of trespass and you may wish to instruct us to write to the neighbours to request them to remove the trespass rather than risk taking “self-help” action.
  • Party wall rights: If you want to carry out structural work to walls that stand across the boundary of your land and your neighbours land, then you must adhere to rules governed by the Party Wall etc Act 1996. These rules stipulate a set procedure that should be followed and we can advise you about how to serve the Notices and engage a surveyor for you.
  • Noisy neighbours or problems with their behaviour: In appropriate circumstances, we can assist by sending a pre-action warning letter and, if necessary, apply to the court for an injunction. If your tenants are causing noise disturbance you may wish to instruct us to evict them.

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