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Us acting as Professional Deputy

Why you might want to consider a Professional Deputy instead?

Many of our clients prefer to put their trust in us at Linder Myers, to act as a Professional Deputy, rather than act as Lay Deputy themselves. This may be because there are no family members or friends who want to or are able to act as Lay Deputy or because of the following:

  • They do not want to risk their relationship as friend/family member/carer changing by becoming their Deputy.
  • They are worried that their Deputy decisions may be clouded by their love/protection for them or the influence of someone else or that they would not be able to say ‘no’ to requests for money.
  • They do not want to take on the duties and responsibilities which can be straining and time-consuming, especially if they have other family commitments or a job.
  • Acting in accordance with the Court Order, the law and the code of practice as they are required to do and understanding income tax, benefits, security bonds, investment of their funds and dealing with property can be overwhelming.
  • They do not want to manage large sums of money/assets, account to the Court or do a report.

Why might you want us to act as Professional Deputy instead of or alongside you?

The team can bring a high level of knowledge, ability and experience to manage all aspects of your loved one or friend’s needs. Some of the reasons many of our clients prefer to put their trust in us as a Professional Deputy include:

  • The Court may not appoint a Lay Deputy if the matter is complicated or the estate is large and would only agree to appoint a Professional Deputy, such as ourselves.
  • We have a national reputation for acting as Professional Deputy and we sit on the panel of Professional Deputies, being one of only 14 acknowledged Court of Protection Professional Deputies across the North of England and one of only four in Manchester. The Public Guardian often asks us to act as Deputy in difficult cases or where matters have gone wrong.
  • We have a dedicated and expert team which includes members of STEP (the Society for Trust and Estate Practitioners), SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) and founding members of COPPA (Court of Protection Practitioners Association).
  • We have a track record of expertise in this area, managing a variety of different estates and assets of around 100 Deputy clients, with Professional Deputy experience of over 40 years combined.
  • We are experienced in dealing with the complex issues surrounding birth and acquired brain injuries, learning difficulties and age related degenerative conditions.
  • We have good relationships with therapists and care workers to effectively manage all types of care packages and their funding to ensure all care needs are met.
  • We can draw on the expertise and knowledge of financial advisors we know, to ensure funds are budgeted and invested to meet all needs, provide the highest quality of life and last a lifetime.
  • We work holistically with the person, their families and friends to ensure the best outcome.
  • Distance is not an issue as we work from four locations and are happy to make home visits.
  • We are committed to delivering the best service whilst offering you competitive and reasonable legal costs and agree to postpone payment of these for you. We also use our experience to try get a reduction on the other costs of the application for you.

How much does a Professional Deputy cost and who pays?

We do not charge for our free, initial advice. If we are acting as Deputy, we only charge for the work we carry out, at hourly rates set by the Court. We also only charge for work which is reasonable and proportionate. As a further layer of protection, to ensure we are only charging what is fair, our fees are assessed by the Court. Our fees are competitive and reasonable whilst offering the best service.

All fees are paid from the assets of the person who lacks capacity.

For friendly advice and guidance, contact our Court of Protection team on 0800 042 0700 or email

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