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Workplace stress

Employers are responsible under the health and safety law to assess and control risks from workplace stress.

Fulfilling your obligation to take suitable care so that the health and safety of your employees is properly protected can prevent the workforce from dealing with stress, and therefore help you to avoid stress-related claims being brought against your business.

The growing risk of workplace stress proceedings

Legal issues that arise from unacceptable levels of workplace stress and bullying at work are on the increase. A growing number of employees are pursuing claims for personal injury, unfair constructive dismissal and breach of The Protection from Harassment Act as a result of suffering from undue stress at work.

Common causes of workplace stress grievances

Our experienced employment law solicitors find that employment discrimination is among the most common grievances in relation to workplace stress. Discrimination caused by age, sex, race or disability are often cited as causes of stress or a circumstance that has exacerbated stress.

Other situations that can lead to workplace stress include:

  • Employees feeling overstretched and unable to cope with unachievable demands
  • Having a lack of control over how they do their work
  • Inadequate support from colleagues, managers and the business in general
  • Inability to report unacceptable behaviour
  • Uncertainty over their role and responsibilities
  • Uninformed of any organisation changes

Employers need to be particularly careful when dealing with workplace stress. It is essential to have stress policies in place, undertake appropriate risk assessments and deal with any grievances that arise from allegations of stress or bullying in a serious manner.

Enlisting trusted legal advisor Linder Myers

Linder Myers can provide you with expert advice on all aspects of workplace stress and bullying. With extensive experience in this sensitive and potentially difficult area of employment law, our department of specialist employment law solicitors can advise you on how to avoid and deal with such issues.

Our comprehensive legal service

Our legal team can assist you during risk assessments and devise stress policies to help you control risks and eliminate stress in your business. We can also provide expert guidance should an employee raise any allegations of workplace stress, helping you to take action to remedy the situation.

The bespoke support delivered by our employment law solicitors can prevent stress-related issues from manifesting into larger legal concerns. As we make sure that your business follows the right procedures, you will be protected against possible compensation awards as well as the cost of representation and the wasted management time associated with workplace stress proceedings.

Phone Linder Myers on 0800 042 0700 to find out more about how we can help to prevent claims from damaging your business, from offering guidance on avoiding employment discrimination to providing employment tribunal representation in court if claims are pursued further.