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Unfair dismissal

Employers should have a fair and legally compliant dismissal procedure in place that they can use when terminating a contract of employment.

Linder Myers unfair dismissal solicitors are highly experienced in guiding employers throughout dismissal processes to make sure that procedures remain entirely lawful, helping to protect businesses from dismissal disputes as well as time-consuming and costly unfair dismissal claims.

Poor performance and misconduct dismissals

An employer typically has grounds to dismiss an individual working within their workplace for one of two reasons:

Poor performance – an employee is under performing, or is not capable of carrying out their job to an adequate standard.

Misconduct – an employee has severely misbehaved on one occasion, or has continued to do so following a series of warnings.

Our unfair dismissal solicitors can provide specialist legal guidance throughout both poor performance and misconduct dismissals, ensuring that proper consideration is given to each stage so that everything remains entirely fair and legally compliant.

Our employment law services

Linder Myers is committed to supporting employers from the outset of a disciplinary sanction right through to an Employment Tribunal, if a case should arise.

Our legal team are able to assist in the preparation of letters and offer support throughout the preliminary proceedings, advising you on the best course of action so that your business is able to protect its best interests, while reducing the risk of a workplace discrimination or unfair dismissal claim being pursued by a former employer.

Our unfair dismissal solicitors can also prove valuable during any disputes or complaints that arise during a dismissal process, helping to promptly resolve any issues so that both parties are completely satisfied.

Employment Tribunal representation

Should an Employment Tribunal arise as a result of a dismissal procedure, you can also get in contact with our team of unfair dismissal solicitors for legal representation. We are able to provide expert legal support throughout, including:

  • Drafting legal documents
  • Interviewing and preparing witnesses
  • Negotiating a settlement
  • Liaising with the claimant’s representative
  • Representing you during the hearing

Our employment law solicitors are committed to settling employment tribunal claims in a prompt and professional manner, so that you can achieve the best possible outcome with minimal disruption to your business.

Join the Employ-Line

Here at Linder Myers, we believe that prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, we have also set up an Employ-Line service where you can gain access to a wide range of valuable advice for common employment law issues, including dismissal processes and unfair dismissal claims.

Our unfair dismissal solicitors will be able to audit your current dismissal procedures, including amending your processes on a fixed fee basis. We can also offer unlimited employment law advice and prepare any documents you need when terminating a contract of employment.

Contact us on 0800 042 0700 to find out more about how Employ-Line and our employment law solicitors can help during dismissal procedures and issues.

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Disclaimer: The information provided was correct at the time of writing but may have undergone changes following this point.