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Restrictive covenant policy cover

Employers often choose to include restrictions within employment contracts. Workers who sign up to these ‘restrictive covenants’ agree not to do certain things once their employment has come to an end.

When a senior member of staff leaves, knowing that your ex-employee or business partner cannot pursue clients or staff, or divulge confidential information (for example) without breaching a restrictive covenant, can help to protect your business and your bottom line.

However what happens when a member of staff leaves and is in breach of a restrictive covenant in their contract?

In such a situation, while employers are perfectly within their rights to pursue the ex-employee for this breach,  in many circumstances employers are put off by the potential costs of litigation, which can be in excess of £30,000.

With  Employment Protection Policy Pursuit Cover from Linder Myers, for one fixed premium we can help you to ensure that any breaches to restrictive covenant agreements are challenged. Reducing your exposure to potentially significant High Court costs and representing you in court if necessary, our dedicated team of employment solicitors have extensive experience in drafting and enforcing such covenants – delivering peace of mind while allowing you to manage your costs.

If you’d like to find out more about our restrictive covenant policy cover, and how Linder Myers can help to protect your business contact us today for a quote

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