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Executive termination

The termination or resignation of an executive can often lead to negotiations and disagreements concerning the entitlement of compensation and benefits outlined in a severance agreement.

Linder Myers has a team of employment law solicitors highly trained in acting for employers, directors and senior executives throughout executive terminations. With substantial experience in managing proceedings where an agreement cannot be reached, our legal specialists can be trusted to achieve the best possible outcome for every client.

Our services

Our solicitors can help companies considering the termination of a senior executive or director to make sure that the process they are due to undertake is compliant with UK law.

Guidance prior to termination

Before an executive termination, we can advise and assist on the following:

  • Reviewing all documents outlining the employment and benefits of an employer
  • Determining any prerequisites to the termination that need to be completed
  • Identifying what compensation should be given following a termination
  • Getting the business fully protected and ready for the termination
  • Planning for possible disputes and action from the executive

By turning to Linder Myers prior to an executive termination, you can make sure that all possible complexities are considered and resolved, helping your business to remain protected from any disputes and possible unfair dismissal or discrimination claims.

Help and support during a termination

Linder Myers solicitors are highly skilled in negotiations concerning executive severance packages, supporting employers throughout termination procedures to ensure a smooth and cordial end to an employment relationship.

The legal team can also be trusted to provide our clients with favourable resolutions to any disputes and disagreements, helping to protect their reputation, business activities and future prospects.

If you are considering an executive termination, contact Linder Myers on 0800 042 0700 for a free initial consultation with a legal specialist. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry by filling in our online form.

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