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Workplace discrimination does not have to be a deliberate act. Businesses can also discriminate by having working conditions and policies that cause certain people to be treated less favourably.

We would recommend that you regularly review your procedures in order to promote equality in the workplace and reduce the risk of employment discrimination. This can in turn help to prevent legal disputes from taking place and protect your business from time-consuming and costly Employment Tribunal proceedings.

Specialist discrimination solicitors at Linder Myers can provide businesses with expert help and support for a wide range of discrimination issues, such as:

  • Age discrimination
  • Sex discrimination
  • Race discrimination
  • Disability discrimination

Every client working with our  employment team is guaranteed to receive a high standard of legal advice and assistance, where we will tailor our approach to meet their exact requirements. Businesses that choose to work with our discrimination solicitors are able to benefit from:

Audit of policies and procedures

An employment discrimination policy protecting your staff from being treated unfairly while at work should be included in your Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct.

We can review and draft your current policies to make sure that they are completely compliant with legislation, helping to eliminate any discrepancies that could lead to complaints and even Employment Tribunals. We can also draft up new policies and procedures for businesses that do not have any in place.

Handling of discrimination complaints

If an employee has chosen to make a legal dispute, our highly specialist discrimination solicitors can help to defend your business and protect your reputation from harm. You can trust us to work hard to settle any complaint promptly, while we can also provide Employment Tribunal representation if necessary.

What to expect from our discrimination solicitors

Our employment law department contains a number of highly trained solicitors who focus entirely on discrimination at work.

These discrimination solicitors will be committed to providing you with the legal support you require, where any action taken is swift and effective. With a full and up-to-date understanding of legislation, the team will be able to help protect your business from harm and achieve the best possible outcome following any dispute or complaint.

For further information about our employment law advice and representation, or if you would like a free initial consultation, get in contact with us.

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