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Data Protection

Data Protection

data protection

Almost every type of organisation, whether in the private or public sector, collects stores and processes personal data about living individuals in ever increasing amounts. At the same time, the regulatory framework which governs how such personal data must be handled continues to grow in volume and complexity and notwithstanding Brexit this shows no signs of changing.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation will be binding in the UK as from May 2018 and it brings with a more stringent penalty regime, making the need to comply with this area of the law all the more pressing. Moreover, failure to comply could result in reputational damage for those in breach.

Linder Myers solicitors can assist in a number of ways, including advising on, reviewing and updating your policies and procedures on data protection generally and in relation to:

  • How best to deal with subject access request
  • Data capture and privacy policies
  • Electronic marketing campaigns
  • Social media policies

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