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Charities and Not For Profit Organisations

Charities and Not For Profit Organisations

The Corporate & Commercial team at Linder Myers acts for charities and not for profit organisations including sports clubs, various groups and associations such as the Girl Guides.

Whilst these groups may not have a commercial interest, often they must still adhere to legislation or wish to protect their members and so legal support is required. At Linder Myers we have specialised experience in acting on behalf of associations. Some of these are national names. We have for decades helped them deal with their property, financial and other affairs.


Charities enjoy preferential tax treatment. However in order to enjoy that and their charitable status, there is a strict and complex regulatory framework which charities must adhere to. Linder Myers has experience of structuring new charities on the best footing from the outset. There being a number of different structures and options available to choose from. We have also safely guided [many] established charities through their various compliance obligations.

The Head of our Corporate & Commercial Department, Neil Ogilvie, was a trustee of the UK’s largest payroll giving charity, Charities Trust, for several years.

Unincorporated Associations

In the UK there are thousands of clubs and associations where two or more people have a group with a common interest. Common examples are sports clubs, community groups or educational groups. Legally these are known as unincorporated associations. The members, although they may not know it, are likely to have personal liability for debts or claims brought against the group.
We can provide help to small groups up to national associations with thousands of members. Either way we will help you in a cost effective and efficient way.

Legal considerations

It is advisable to ensure that each club or association has up to date:

  • Rules
  • Constitution
  • Risk assessments
  • Insurance
  • Systems for management and ownership of bank accounts and property

Failure to stay up to date can expose members to costly legal problems.

Health checks

At Linder Myers we often find that clubs and associations are working on outdated rules and procedures, sometimes drawn up decades ago. This can expose members to substantial difficulties.

At Linder Myers we offer a ‘health check’ service to existing groups. We can review your documentation, explore any risks that you might not have covered and put safeguards in place to protect the committee members or trustees against personal liability.

We also offer legal advice on the set-up of new clubs and associations. We provide advice on the constitution, rules and management to ensure you start on the right foot.

Should a club or association require changes to their documentation, our dedicated team of solicitors can assist with this.

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