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Surrenders, assignments and underlettings

Our Commercial Property team will be able to fully advise you on all aspects of lease assignments, surrenders or underlettings.

Circumstances change and economic situations vary and occasionally it becomes necessary for a tenant to surrender a lease.  In the negotiation of an original lease it may make it possible to terminate or surrender the lease for certain specific reasons which can be advantageous to the tenant.

As part of our remit towards landlords or tenants, we look into and advise on the ability to terminate the lease, to assign or sub-let, and to ensure that where the lease allows for such events the financial and tax implications of surrendering a lease are made clear.

At Linder Myers were are also able to advise on any additional security required by Landlords upon a proposed assignment or underlease such as authorised guarantee agreements, rent deposit deeds, deeds of covenant and personal guarantees.

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